The Emotionally Intelligent Communicator

This course is principally about interpersonal skills and communication. Participants will learn to be self-aware and to self-manage, how to interpret other people's behaviour and ways to communicate with authenticity. It's ideal for people who are either working in, or managing teams.


When team members have strong interpersonal skills and high levels of self-awareness, they are able to communicate more openly and honestly. This allows them to confront differences, resolve conflicts and achieve common goals - improving productivity and delivering superior results. This course covers key concepts, techniques and skills to improve the way people communicate and interact with the people they supervise, fellow team members and clients.

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Learning Modules

This two day course combines four engaging learning modules that focus on the importance of clear and direct communication in the workplace.

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence

    Developing Emotional Intelligence

    the foundation for great interpersonal communication

  • Assertiveness Without Aggression

    Assertiveness Without Aggression

    issues are raised without unhealthy conflict

  • Constructive Team Conversations

    Constructive Team Conversations

    handling the most difficult discussions positively

  • Teams With Style

    Teams With Style

    working effectively with a diverse range of personalities


The essential building block of Emotional Intelligence is self-awareness - the willingness to deeply drill down into what's driving you and what results you're getting.

Participants in this training course will learn the importance of noticing and assessing of "what's going on for you" and "what impact is it having on people around you". They will have an understanding of the benefits they'll enjoy by being prepared to reflect on the results they're getting, and taking on the challenge to make some changes to how they operate.

The challenge issued to all participants is to take to take this new understanding forward by developing an individual action plan that includes making some changes.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is searching to improve their career and general life outcomes will benefit from this course.

Every interaction we have - whether face-to-face, on the phone, via email or social media - has an impact on us, and others. If we're supervising or managing others, or working together in a team, those interactions have an impact on workplace outcomes and personal dynamics.

This course has value for anyone looking to improve their effectiveness, and the creation of a healthy workplace climate.

The Emotionally Intelligent Communicator

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