Leadership in Action: Standards with Style

Effective leadership is fundamental for high performance in the workplace, and this course provides a great introduction to the meaning of leadership and its essential elements. And the first building block for authentic leaders is to understand themselves and self-manage how they operate.


Increasingly, organisations are recognising that leadership capabilities are needed at all levels, and that by developing authentic leaders, teams will work together more effectively with higher levels of engagement, more commitment, greater retention and improved performance.

Leadership can be learned and demonstrated - and it's not just for bosses and managers, it's for anyone aspiring to take on greater responsibilities within the workplace.

Understanding the essential attributes of leadership and the importance of modelling high standards, will provide aspiring, emerging and practising leaders with great insights into what's required for authentic leadership.

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Learning Modules

This two day course combines three leadership modules that provide a comprehensive platform for developing and modelling effective leadership capabilities. Increasing self-awareness and self-management, and providing strong support for teams and individuals.

  • Leadership Essentials

    Leadership Essentials

    provides a great introduction to what leadership is all about, and what leaders actually do

  • Leader as Model: Self-Awareness

    Leader as Model: Self-Awareness

    encourages participants to examine their own attitudes and style, and reflect on how this influences their own leadership capabilities

  • Leader as Model: Self-Management

    Leader as Model: Self-Management

    the importance for authentic leaders to demonstrate and emulate a commitment to high performance and consistent values-based behaviours in the workplace


Participants will have a clearer understanding of the real meaning of leadership, including an appreciation that it's much more than simply job title, hierarchical position or exercising power. They will understand that authentic leaders model performance and behaviour that sets high standards and reinforces organisational values.

This course will challenge participants to reflect upon their individual styles and attitudes about management and leadership, and make the case for adopting a flexible approach to different situations and particular individuals.

Who is it for?

Whether you are an aspiring, emerging or practising leader, this course will have something for you.

Having a better understanding of what leadership is all about is a critical success factor for greater productivity in the workplace, as well as general life outcomes.

This course is suitable for people at all levels of an organisation, from entry level to senior executive and assumes no prior knowlege or learning.

Leadership in Action: Standards with Style

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