Developing and Leading Teams

Most businesses and organisations need functioning teams at various levels. But despite all the experts and books on effective teamwork, there's often little investment of time, energy and discipline put into developing strong teams. When it's done properly though, the benefits can be significant.


Developing and Leading Teams focuses on the role of leadership in building effective teams and managing the ongoing dynamics around problem solving, communication and constructive conflict. All members of a team can play a part in the shared leadership process and having a greater understanding of the progression of team development, both aspiring leaders and those exercising leadership responsibilities can make a better contribution to building and sustaining high performance teams.

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Learning Modules

This course brings together two comprehensive learning modules on the various stages of team development and the role of the leader in driving the alignment of team and individual goals.

  • Leader as Facilitator: Building Teams

    Leader as Facilitator: Building Teams

    Module 1

  • Leader as Facilitator: Leading Teams

    Leader as Facilitator: Leading Teams

    Module 2

Who is it for?

This course is a stand-alone leadership development course that's ideal for anyone wanting to learn how to lead, influence and contribute to team development.

Whether you're looking for ways to take your team to a high performing level, or wanting to maintain and strengthen the team dynamics to sustain high performance with collaboration and innovation, you'll find some ideas in this course.

Anyone interested in experiencing the energy and enthusiasm of a united team that's performing well, will benefit from this learning opportunity.

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