We work with Team Leaders

Team leaders and managers are always looking for ways of boosting productivity and improving performance. Seeking ways to improve their own leadership tool-kit, as well as communication and dynamics between team members. How can I get everyone on the same page, and rowing in the same direction?

We understand the challenges

The job of managing, leading and nurturing a team seems to have an endless list of challenges:

  • how do I get everyone to understand expectations and their responsibilities
  • is there a way to encourage people to be open and transparent in their communication
  • what can I do to improve my own capacity to deal with difficult situations and conversations
  • can I find a way to deal with poor performance or inappropriate behaviour

Invest in performance

Teams that are working well together deliver higher performance - so it's worth making an investment to improve the skills and understanding of individual team members, as well as the team as a whole.

If you feel as though your team could be operating more effectively but you can't quite identify how, then Managing Matters is able to assist in identifying the problems, and coming up with strategies to sort them out.

Part of a larger solution

Often, good training will provide part of the solution. But it's a big mistake to think that attending a training course - or, sending someone off to a training course - will be the panacea!

It's important to assess and plan carefully:

  • drill down to identify what the real problem is
  • identify an appropriate training option to bridge the gap
  • think about how to get real buy-in and commitment to the training process
  • most importantly, have effective follow-up in place to ensure the benefits of training are capture

The experience to help you succeed

Managing Matters has access to a range of effective and engaging training options that are rich with content, and can be contextualised to individual and group requirements.

Perhaps more importantly, Managing Matters has the expertise and experience to assist with the critical planning and follow-up components of an effective training process:

  • helping to identify the real problem
  • facilitating an analysis of training needs
  • developing and delivering appropriate training options
  • providing advice and assistance for ongoing development

Getting Started

Having a conversation with Managing Matters, and getting some tips on how you might start improving team effectiveness costs nothing - just a little of your time. Often times, just discussing the issues you face and getting someone else's perspectives and insight will help you clarify the way forward. So don't put it off - if you think your team could be performing better, then simply ask for a time when you can catch up with Managing Matters to chat about your needs.

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