We work with Executives

Senior executives and managers are often looking for options to improve the performance of teams they lead - improving the culture and climate across their workplace, as well as identifying development opportunities for individuals. Managing Matters delivers tailored training to meet these needs.

We understand the challenges

Executives face pressure from above and below - they're expected to do more with less; improve performance levels and deliver better outcomes; as well as address the desire of their staff team to advance and grow.

Against these pressures and time constraints, it's often a case of doing what's urgent and dealing with what we can. All the while knowing that with the investment of a bit of time and energy in appropriate and relevant training, the team could be in a better place.

Invest in performance

Problems never fix themselves. If you've got a gut feeling that things aren't working as well as they could, and that the performance of your team could be better - then you're probably right. And often, getting an outside perspective on what's happening and where the dysfunctions are can provide valuable insights.

In many situations it might only take a small investment of time and resources to gain the assistance that will tune up how your team is operating, and provide strategies that will lead to improved performance and a happier workforce.

Managing Matters is able to assist with advice, guidance and delivery of targeted training that can assist teams and individuals to increase productivity, performance, morale, and culture.

Part of a larger solution

Improving the dynamics, culture and performance of teams and individuals in the workplace often comes down to:

  • developing clarity of purpose
  • establishing clear and authentic communication channels
  • building trust between individuals and within the team

Managing Matters can work with executives and managers to identify the missing links that might be undermining performance in the workplace, and develop strategies and training activities to build and enhance team performance.

Managing Matters recognises that each workplace is unique - only by working closely with executives and managers, and taking the time to drill down into what's happening in the workplace can you discover the dysfunction that's holding back performance. Managing Matters takes the time to properly observe and analyse what's happening beneath the surface, to develop authentic solutions that are fit for the particular purpose.

The experience to help you succeed

For the busy executive, Managing Matters recognises that there is never enough time - so we try to keep processes as simple and straightforward as possible. And we try to keep costs to a minimum.

Generally, a short conversation and desktop review provides enough information to prepare options for drilling down to identify the problems and developing solutions. And this costs nothing. Options might include:

  • a gap analysis of training needs
  • short staff surveys to identify issues
  • 360 degree processes
  • assessment of team dysfunctions
  • tailored training and development activities

In short, providing the pressured executive with a menu of options that will tease out issues, and provide clarity for what might work best.

Getting Started

Talking with Managing Matters about how your workplace is operating costs nothing. And just talking about the issues you face on a day to day basis might just help provide you with the clarity of thinking about the best way forward.

These days there's an enormous amount of knowledge and tools about how to create better performing organisations with improved workplace culture. A conversation with Managing Matters is sure to open up your understanding of the possibilities and options available.

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