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Having another set of eyes look at what's happening in your workplace will often provide valuable insights into how you can function more effectively and create better value. Managing Matters works with many different organisations to provide an outside perspective on gaps in performance.

Invest in Management Consulting

Businesses and organisations are often quick to respond to obvious operational problems. A problem arises with the IT system and has an immediate impact on productivity, so a provider or consultant is found to identify a fix for the system.

But often productivity is being undermined by the way people are working - or not working - together. And sometimes the reasons might be hidden and really hard to identify. That means it might be time to bring in some external eyes and ears with the capacity to drill down and identify the issues that are a drag on performance.

Managing Matters can help you find ways to get the best from your people.
Mark Hough

All workplaces can improve their performance. People can expand their skills; systems can be improved; and pockets of toxicity can be cleaned up. But sometimes the difficult questions and conversations that are required to encourage change and improvement don't happen - everyone's just getting on with the job they need to do, and hope that problems will fix themselves.

An external consultant has no vested interest and carries no historical baggage. They might ask the questions and provoke the conversations that no-one else is prepared to explore. They might also stimulate new ideas simply by bringing different perspectives and a range of experiences.

We can help with:

  • management consultancy
  • training needs analysis
  • planning facilitation
  • executive and board evaluation
  • coaching

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