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Managing Matters provides a suite of services focused on improving organisational health - helping to establish clarity of purpose with clear communication; dealing with toxicity in the workplace; and identifying gaps in skills and knowledge that can be addressed through training.

Every workplace is different

Managing Matters recognises that every workplace is different - subject to unique challenges and pressures, and made up of a diverse range of personalities.

There is no "one size fits all" solution to creating great cultures and workplace environments, but through working one-to-one with teams and individuals in many different organisations, Managing Matters has learnt that Authentic Leadership means leaders have crystal clear self-knowledge, strong self-management and strategies and skills to create a climate in which people thrive.

Authenticity is the key

Authenticity is the key to creating a great workplace environment. Ensuring that there is no disconnect between the messages that are communicated, and the way people really operate.

Likewise, Managing Matters embraces "Authenticity" as a core value. Being honest about what can be delivered and achieved - and being honest about what can't. And being fearless in having the difficult conversations about any lack of authenticy that's discovered along the way.

Managing Matters believes that the single biggest drag on performance in businesses and organisations can be traced back to a failure to "walk the talk" - people operating without authenticity and not being prepared to embrace the values.

About Mark Hough

Mark has experienced the highs and lows of working in many different organisational contexts. He's worked in, and managed teams. He's worked in highly pressured corporate environments, and he's had to navigate through large bureaucratic networks. Along the way, he's gained valuable insights into what helps create really healthy workplaces, where people enjoy coming to work and perform at their best.

Mark has learnt to dig below the surface to identify the real reasons for toxic cultures and underperformance, and uses evidence-based learning to identify where the solutions might be - searching for the lack of clarity, lack of communication or lack of commitment that's holding back performance.

About Managing Matters

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