What do you mean by Organisational Health?

Many organisations and businesses have substantial technological assets.  They might also be really “smart”.  As well as leading edge products and services, they could have substantial financial backing and great marketing strategies.  But they still might fail, or at least under-perform.  Why?  Because their organisation is not as healthy as it could and should be.

Corporate governance could be weak – staff might not be paying attention to policies and procedures that are in place.  Risk could be managed on a wing and a prayer.  Internal communications could be non-existent or ineffective.  Staff might not be properly trained and skilled in what they’re supposed to be doing.  Meetings could be a complete waste of time with important issues glossed over because no-one is prepared to speak up, and instead the trivial minutiae could be done to death.  There may be an absence of genuine trust across the organisation or business.

Being committed to organisational health means getting all this right.  And working hard to make sure that it stays right.  It’s not difficult, but it’s not simple.

Organisational health means having strong, consistent and united leadership; high levels of trust; and a clarity of purpose that everyone in the organisation understands and willingly embraces.

I’m not sure what I need – can you help?

Managing Matters will always try to help.  More than likely, we’ll be able to advise you on what you need – and as long as it doesn’t take too long to assess, we’ll happily do that for free.  And along with a recommendation of what you’re needing, in most instances we’ll be able to provide advice on where you might get the best service.  Not always, but we’ll always try.

What training courses do you offer?

Managing Matters provides training across all areas of corporate governance; leadership development; team development and dynamics; coaching; and organisational culture.  We offer training through two methods – first, from time to time we organise and promote stand-alone training courses for individual registration; alternatively, we can also be engaged by organisations and businesses wishing to organise an internal training activity.

Ask us about your training needs, and if it’s within our scope we’ll be able to work with you to develop the content.  If it’s beyond us, we can probably provide you with advice on who to contact.

How much does it cost?

Managing Matters uses a base rate inclusive of GST of $290/hour.  All packages are built around this rate.  For work beyond the Greater Darwin area, travel and accommodation will be an additional cost.

If you wish to engage Managing Matters you will be provided with an up-front capped hourly estimate.  If more time is required, Managing Matters wears that.  If less time is required, your cost is reduced accordingly.

Most importantly, any additional time for preparation and follow-up is absorbed by Managing Matters unless it is explicitly written into the hourly estimate.

What if I’m not satisfied?

If you’re not satisfied, it’s simple.  You don’t pay.  In fact, if you’re not satisfied, you won’t even receive an invoice.  But there is a catch – you will need to provide Managing Matters with feedback about why you’re not satisfied so we don’t make the same mistake again.

Can I trust Managing Matters?

Managing Matters is a registered company under the Australian Corporations Act.  It must therefore abide by all the provisions of Australian Corporations Law and there are serious consequences for contravention.

Just as importantly, Managing Matters has a reputation to protect and understands that if we let you down, we let ourselves down.